Leaving the good to embrace the great: What Meghan Markle YES to Prince Harry tells us about our YES to God

New identity.

New role.

New mission.

This morning Meghan Markle said YES to Prince Harry!

Watching him looking at her with adoration at the altar was just…wow!!! What about that whisper? The “You look amazing…I am such a lucky man” whisper that melted half of the world’s hearts? Not to mention the kiss!

Tears may or may not have made their way down my cheeks when I watched a video of the ceremony.

See…I am not a romantic! But Meghan Markle’s relationship with Prince Harry has caught my attention since the beginning…it reminded me of the relationship God wants to have with us!

There are so many similarities and, if you fell in love with their relationship, it is impossible for you to not fall in love with the relationship God wants to have with you.

When I think of Meghan and Prince Harry’s relationship, I think about all she needed to give up in order to say “yes” to her prince:

-          her prominent career as an actress

-          her position as an ambassador for World Vision

-          her work with The United Nations on women’s issues

She even needed to leave one of her babies behind: Bogart, the labrador she adopted and that was too old for the move.

Even though what she had was good, she knew that what was ahead was greater!

How many times do we stay so focused on the good that we miss the opportunity of reaching the great?!

When she said “I do” to Prince Harry this morning, she did not only say YES to the love of her life. She said YES to leaving her old life behind. She said YES to a new title, to a new mission, to a new life!

By becoming a member of the royal family, she stepped into a new identity. A royal identity. From now on, she no longer represents herself, but the Queen!

This reminds me of a famous Bible passage, found on Galatians 2:20: “I no longer live, but Christ lives in me”.

This is powerful!

Imagine all of the things you wish you could do in the world, all the influence and impact you would like to generate. Now, imagine if you carried the Royal Authority to do all those things. Imagine walking into a place and stepping on it not under your authority, but the authority of a Kingdom.

Such influence and power would not come without a price. Yes, you would live a love story. However, you would need to submit to the Royal Authority. You would get to influence change, but you must leave your old life behind and embrace a new one.

You would no longer live, but the Royal Authority would live in and through you!

That’s exactly what God invites you to do. He asks you to leave your old life behind so that you can put on the new identity He has created uniquely for you.

When you say YES to God’s new identity for your life, you may need to leave a lot behind. That can be scary. It is scary to embrace the unknown…

But one thing you can be certain of. The new life He has for you is much more valuable, purposeful, peaceful, joyful, and influential than anything you could have ever have, been or achieved without Him.

When you fully submit your life to God’s authority, His unwavering love begins living in you and, only through it, you can reach your full potential on Earth.

When your full potential is achieved, your history is changed. It impacts your generations and it echoes through eternity.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle needed to wait until after their wedding day to find out what their new title would be: the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

You don’t need to wait to know what yours would be.

When you say YES to God’s calling, you become a child of God. A title that gives you the unwavering authority of becoming a world changer in who you are and everything you do!

May Peace and Love be always in the center of your life!